About us

CG Consulting began in 2022 with the primary focus of supporting non-profit boards and organizations. Leveraging decades of public sector and non-profit experience, we guide and support non-profits in developing strategic plans; refining mission, vision and values; assessing board structures; and supporting boards as they recruit the right members to make their organization the most successful it can be. We also tailor different areas of support depending on your unique needs.

All for the Common Good!!!

Our belief

"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth" --Muhammad Ali. Non-profits are critical to thriving communities. Our business was created to help non-profits be their best, without having to break the bank. We find deep satisfaction in making our expertise available at an affordable cost. CG Consulting is our way to give back. We provide the insight and support to help you thrive.

Our team

Kelly Zeillmann

CEO, Principal Member

Scott Magerfleisch

Executive Vice President, Principal Member

Kelly has facilitated workshops on leadership, culture, team dynamics and personal development for small and large audiences across the US and overseas. She has worked in the non-profit, higher education and private sectors. She excels at helping organizations lead from strong mission, vision, and values, develop and use strategic plans, and build healthy team culture.

She is known for her interactive and authentic style and delights in seeing her clients gain “light bulb” moments and walk away with lasting change.

She lives in Greeley, CO with one husband, two children and three dogs. When not working, Kelly can be found enjoying beauty in the form of excellent food, performing arts and lively conversation. Kelly also enjoys anchovies on her pizza.

Scott has spent his career working in IT, and brings an understanding of leadership and technology to his engagements. He has helped non-profit boards develop the essential understanding of what it takes to be successful, from Board assessment to moving a board from a working to a governing board. Scott supports several organizations in Greeley by helping drive fundraising goals at local galas.

He has also worked as an emcee at local, regional and national events and conferences, including the annual Make-A-Wish fundraising auction at Denver FanEx.

Scott lives in Greeley with one wife, two children and three dogs. Scott's three favorite words in the English language are "Some Assembly Required." does NOT like anchovies on his pizza, but believes pineapple and sausage are essential ingredients.