Our services

Strategic Planning: Using real world experiences, we encourage your non-profit board to develop realistic and meaningful strategic plans that have the highest probability of success.

Board Assessment: Using simple tools, both written and online, we enable you to not only define your current board make-up, but also align what is needed (or missing) with how your board can mature.

Board Recruitment: Using our Board Assessment tools, we help you define what your next, best fit board member looks like, as well as support you and you new member(s) as you being to mature and improve your board effectiveness.

Mission, Vision and Values Development: Using effective and honest facilitation, we support non-profits and boards in developing or refining mission, vision and values that are core to the success of the non-profits and the boards that serve and support those organizations.

Organizational Operation Support: Leverage our experience to help support your organization with an understanding of public sector and non-profit operations to augment your leadership with our COO-as-a-Service offering.

Technology Expertise: Within our scope of services, CG Consulting can provide a-la-carte support in multiple technology areas, from IT Risk Assessment understanding all the way to IT staff recruitment support.

Fundraising Excellence: Utilize our real world experience to craft fundraising plans, develop fundraising materials, and implement a fundraising strategy to support your organization for the long term.

Team Building and Leadership Development: We help your team understand their strengths, improve their communication skills, and define and develop your culture. From conflict resolution all the way to implementing 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, we work to help move your organization forward.